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Community Center Building Committee Project Update- July 30, 2023

We took a break from public meetings through most of July, to allow ICON to work on more detailed design options, but we met this past Wednesday, and are back at it!

Site Designs
ICON provided a new look at schemes for options at 100%, 75% and 50% of the original project cost. Their July 26 presentation builds off the work delivered in late June, where consensus formed around a site plan that renovates the current parking area rather than flipping it to the back of the site, and focused building construction or renovation in the footprint of the Hartwell A, B and C Pods. We feel this best protects existing play spaces and keeps cars away from pedestrians effectively.

Within that site design, we are considering eight (8) building schemes: three (3) that could meet the 100% cost option, four (4) that could meet the 75% cost option, and one (1) that could meet the 50% cost option.  The CCBC will be working to refine these down to no more than one scheme for each cost option.

Program Analysis & Development
Our current program represents a 10,000 sqft reduction from the 2018 program, and is based on space needed to run existing programs into the future.  Town Staff and ICON worked from March through May to refine this program down, and have been updating COA&HS program data and PRD program data online over the past few weeks.  A program working group presented their findings at the June 28 meeting, at which time the CCBC accepted the current Parks and Recreation Department, Council on Aging and Human Services Department, LEAP and Magic Garden data in order to allow ICON Architecture to move forward in developing project alternatives. The CCBC will be holding a working meeting this coming Wednesday, Aug 2 at 7:00PM to discuss programming and space sizing greater detail.  This meeting is open for public viewing, but will not include public comments. 

Community Engagement
We have scheduled two additional CCBC Working Meetings on Aug 2nd and August 9th, in addition to our next public meeting on August 16.  All meeting information is below.

Our fall meeting/forum schedule is not set yet, other than two important dates: State of the Town/Community Charrette on Saturday, September 30, 2023, and Special Town Meeting on Saturday, December 2.  All our upcoming public meetings are listed below. 

Satellite Programming
As we look to develop two lower cost options, we will be exploring opportunities to lean more heavily on satellite locations listed in our Decentralized Programming Inventory to manage the building program load.   

Wed August 2nd – Working Meeting, – 7:00PM in the Donaldson Room andover Zoom to provide discuss programming needs and space sizing in greater detail. 

Wed August 9th – Working Meeting, – 7:00PM in the Donaldson Room andover Zoom to provide begin planning our September 30 Community Charrette Session.    

Wed August 16th – Public Meeting, LATER START TIME – 7:30PMover Zoom to provide support to ICON as they better define concepts for our fall presentations. 

Sat September 30– State of the Town/Community Charette, details TBD.

Sat December 2– Special Town Meeting, details TBD.

Can be found on our website at   You can sign up for our notifications there as well!