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Community Center Building Committee Project Update – May 21, 2023

Program Analysis & Development
ICON presented their program need analysis at our CCBC meeting this past Wednesday night.  This analysis has brought the building program down to 15,568 sqft (plus an additional 7,000 sqft of renovated space for LEAP and school maintenance.)  It represents an almost 8,000 sqft reduction from the 2018 building program, and is intended to serve as the “up to 75% cost” option.  Once established, we can then work our way down to the “up to 50% cost” option, and then potentially back up to a higher cost option.  The CCBC received useful feedback from attendees, specifically around wanting to see more detailed program attendance numbers.  That work will continue this week, and we will discuss the program further at our public meeting next Wednesday, May 31. (Details below) 

Site Planning
Following prior meetings with campus stakeholders (School Admin, PRD, Magic Garden and LEAP), this week ICON met with the Planning Board to review site constraints, and separately with the Director of Planning and Land Use and the Conservation Director to gather early feedback on various site concepts.  This coming week, they will meet with public safety officials before presenting these early site concepts to the community at our public forum THIS Tuesday, May 23(Details below)

Community Engagement
We are busy!  We joined the Planning Board at their meeting on Tuesday, May 16, and then held our own regularly scheduled public meeting on Wednesday, May 17.  We have also begun to set up meeting times with community organizations such as FOMA , the Lincoln Historical Commission, the Green Energy Committee, Lincoln Youth Soccer, Bemis Lecture Series, the Lincoln Garden Club, and the Lincoln METCO program. All of our upcoming public meetings are listed below.

Satellite Programming
Part of our work will involve leveraging existing available town spaces.  Both PRD and COA have been using these spaces for years, and our Decentralized Programming Inventory is available on the CCBC website.  As we look to develop lower cost options, we will be exploring opportunities to lean more heavily on these satellite locations in order to manage the building program load.   

Tue May 23rd – Public Forum, 7:00pm in the Hartwell Multi-Purpose Room or over Zoom to present potential Hartwell Campus site plans.

Wed May 31st – Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Town Hall Donaldson Room or over Zoom to solicit additional public feedback on both the building program as well as the various site layouts.

Tue June 13th – Public Forum, 7:00pm in the Hartwell Multi Purpose Room or over Zoom to present draft building designs, and solicit feedback,  ICON will then spend the summer developing these designs further, so they’ll be ready for the next round of public review in the Fall. 

Wed June 14th – Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Town Hall Donaldson Room or over Zoom to synthesize feedback with ICON and discuss any additional feedback opportunities before the summer. 

Can be found on our website at   You can sign up for our notifications there as well!