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Community Center Building Committee Project Update – April 23

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2023

Hello Neighbor!

While many families were on school vacation this past week, ICON staff Ned, Mark and Ana have been working collaboratively with town staff to further both the building program, and the site design.

Program Analysis & Development
ICON met with Jessica, Abby, Dan and Tim to further refined the program needs of Parks and Recreation and Council on Aging and Human Services.  They’re also preparing to discuss program wants vs needs with the community at our public forum this coming Tuesday night! (Details below)

Site Planning
ICON Architecture are continuing to refine their initial Hartwell site plan analysis, which confirms wetlands boundaries, site topography, and solar impacts, and other constraints.  They have also begun to conceptualize potential building envelopes throughout the Hartwell campus, and have reached back out to Hartwell Campus stakeholders (including the School Department, the Parks & Recreation Department, the LEAP after school program, and the Magic Garden pre-school) for feedback on traffic, parking and outdoors play spaces. 

During the CCBC’s April 12th meeting, ICON presented its summary of key takeaways from these stakeholder interviews

Community Engagement
Thank you to the 593 residents who completed our Values Survey, which will help inform our building program and design.  We will provide a brief overview of the results at our April 25th public forum, and review them in more depth at our April 26th meeting.

We continue reached out to over 50 community organizations to gather their thoughts on how a community center may, or may not, impacts them, and will be meeting with many of these organizations directly.

Our next Public Forum is this week!  CCBC will be hosting a public forum this Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00PM to provide ICON the opportunity to share its initial thinking about the building program, and gather input around community wants vs needs.   This is a hybrid meeting, held in-person in the Hartwell Multi Purpose Room, or online via zoom.

Satellite Programming
As CCBC and ICON contemplate program and space needs, we are being careful to take into account programming that is currently taking place in various location throughout Town, including Pierce House, Bemis Hall, First Parish, and other locations. Our goal is to minimize the need for building new space if existing locations have proven to be suitable and appropriate. ICON will be touring the Lincoln Library and Pierce House this Tuesday before our public forum.

The current version of our Decentralized Programming Inventory is available on the CCBC website. 

April 25th – Community Forum, 7:00pm in the Hartwell Multi Purpose Room or over Zoom.

April 26th – CCBC Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Donaldson Room, Town Hall or over Zoom.

May 17 – CCBC Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Donaldson Room, Town Hall or over Zoom.

May 31 – CCBC Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Donaldson Room, Town Hall or over Zoom.

A community center in Lincoln has been studied by 4 previous committees and 4 different consulting / architecture firms over the past 10+ years.  They have all built off of the public consensus established by the prior committees’ work.  That process has led us to our current charge to develop a range of community center design choices and budgets, including options not to exceed 50% and 75% of the estimated $25M design costs of a new building on the Hartwell Campus.   

We have partnered with ICON Architecture to help us bring the best possible project options to the Lincoln community in the fall of 2023.  If we find consensus, we will request construction funds at Town Meeting 2024. 

We hold biweekly public meetings to review the work to date, and make decisions to move forward.  The public are always invited to join us, and public comments are always welcome.  In additional, we hold community forums, that are larger events expressly designed to solicit community feedback on specific aspects of the project

Can be found on our website at   You can sign up for our notifications there as well!

We always welcome questions at our public meetings and forums, or feel free to contact the Town Administrator’s Office at 781-259-2601.