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Community Center Building Committee Upcoming Activities

We were pleased to have the opportunity to introduce ICON Architecture to the community during last week’s CCBC meeting.  ICON was selected, from among six firms who submitted proposals, to help us advance our work to the next stage.  ICON’s extensive municipal building portfolio, sustainable design expertise, reassuring approach to cost estimating and budgeting, strong municipal references, and impressive project team convinced us that they were the right choice. ICON is now working on parallel tracks (1) to help us confirm essential and desired program needs and synergies, and (2) to undertake necessary site-related assessments (e.g., geotechnical, traffic and circulation, septic, wetlands, etc.) and open-space planning.  

With our team now up to full strength, we look forward to engaging the community in the discussions to come.

AprilProgram Development & Space NeedsThe architects will present initial thoughts to help the Committee distinguish essential from desired program needs.  The community will be asked to help prioritize the program so that we may begin to understand space requirements for each of the three building concepts that will be presented for a vote in November.
 Site InvestigationsThe architects will begin to share the results of their early site investigations to confirm the diligence that will be required.
MayProgram Development & Space NeedsWe anticipate having program analysis sufficiently completed so that the Committee and the community will begin to be able to understand cost implications, including an early sense of program affordability at the three price points that Town Meeting specified in its November vote. 
 Site InvestigationsThe architects will provide an update and begin to identify what are likely to be the most significant site development costs.
 Building ConceptsThe architects will share initial thoughts about building siting and conceptual design choices. CCBC and the community will consider how best to align to the budget targets that have been set by Town Meeting.
JuneProgram Development & Space NeedsWe anticipate having fairly well completed programs at this stage for the range of choices and budgets.  
 Site InvestigationsWe anticipate having completed most of our site analysis by this stage, including early site development budgets.  
 Building ConceptsOur goal is to provide the architects with the Committee and community input they will require to prepare separate program, site plan, and building concept options at the specified price points.  The options will be further developed over the summer, with the expectation that the early concepts will help frame public input sessions that will take place in early September.

CCBC Meeting Schedule

Meeting Dates: March 22; April 12 and 26; May 17 and 31; June 14 and possibly 28.  

All CCBC meetings convene at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified, and will be held in hybrid format, providing the opportunity for in-person (Donaldson Room, Town Offices) or Zoom participation.

Public Participation Plan 

Public participation is vital to the success of the project.  Our regular meetings, which are open to the public, will be augmented with several dedicated public sessions. We anticipate gathering input and feedback through a variety of mechanisms including workshops and surveys.  Meeting agendas, minutes, video recordings, reports, and other materials will be posted to the Community Center webpage: Town of Lincoln Community Center. With ICON’s assistance, and with the active involvement of the community, we are confident that we will have a solid range of options to present for the Town’s consideration in November.