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What is the CCBC – which stakeholders are represented, what are its tasks, and how can others participate?

We encourage questions, and have been asked for information on the Community Center Building Committee (CCBC), including its role and responsibilities.

In March, 2022, the Lincoln Annual Town Meeting voted with near unanimity to restart the Community Center planning and design process, and to request that the Select Board appoint a building committee.  (The specific motion is appended below.)

So the Select Board appointed a Community Center Building Committee (CCBC), which started work at the beginning of June.  (The membership list is appended below.). The initial task of the CCBC has been to prepare an initial funding proposal – if the Town approves this proposal, for up to $325,000, at the Special Town Meeting on November 30, then the CCBC will hire an Owner’s Project Manager and a project architect to prepare schematic designs.  The Town will have the opportunity to select its preferred design, and then it will have the additional opportunity to vote on funding for the construction of the Community Center.  (The specific charge of the CCBC is appended below.)

The CCBC will be building on the work of a series of town committees that have developed the concept and parameters for a Community Center in Lincoln.  The CCBC will refine the concept, incorporating lessons from COVID and from the school building process, continuing the search for cost savings, and incorporating input about programmatic priorities.

The CCBC and its subcommittees hold open meetings and invite public participation.  The schedule of those meetings is available on the town website, and the CCBC will use other forums to inform residents about upcoming meetings and their agendas.  We particularly urge residents to look for information on the CCBC website (  There will be a high-level overview of Community Center planning at the State of the Town Meeting, on Monday, November 14.  Then there will be an extensive presentation and opportunity for discussion at the Special Town Meeting on Wednesday, November 30, before the vote on funding for the next stage of the planning process.

We hope that this information is helpful.  We are happy to answer all questions.

Members of the CCBC:

AT-LARGE MEMBERS: Sarah Chester, Chair; Timothy Christenfeld; Alison Taunton-Rigby; Krystal Wood

BOARD REPRESENTATIVES: Jonathan Dwyer, Select Board; Margit Griffith, Parks & Recreation Committee; Adam Hogue, School Committee; Ellen Meyer-Shorb, Finance Committee; Dilla Tingley, Council on Aging & Human Services

BOARD LIAISONS: Lynn Delisi, Planning Board; Andrew Glass, Historical Commission; Steve Gladstone, Water Department; Roy Harvey, Green Energy Committee; Indrani Kharbanda, Library Board of Trustees; David Levington, Friends of the Lincoln Library, Peter von Mertens, Conservation Commission & Friends of the Council on Aging

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS: Abigail Butt, COA & Human Services Director; Jessica Downing, Parks and Recreation Director; Timothy Higgins, Town Administrator; Brandon Kelly, Facilities Director; Daniel Pereira, Asst. Town Administrator

Motion approved at Town Meeting, March, 2022:

That the Town provide the Select Board with a sense of the meeting as to restarting the Community Center planning and design process, and, if such sense of the meeting is in the affirmative, to request that the Board appoint a building committee, by whatever title, to review the results of previous planning efforts and to present its findings in an expedited manner so that a request for funds for planning and design services could appear on the warrant for a fall 2022 Special Town Meeting. 

The official tasks of the CCBC:

  1. Review and become familiar with previous plans and existing materials. 
  2. Create a plan for gathering stakeholder input, and for regular communication with, and input from relevant Town boards, committees, and the community. As appropriate, this will require collaboration with the School Committee and/or Building Committee. 
  3. Work with the Town Administrator to ensure that the process for contracting with an Owners’ Project Manager (OPM) and project Architect are carried out in compliance with state law and with an emphasis on diversity. 
  4. Review the program again, taking care to consider how COVID experiences and lessons might inform programs, interior space layout, outdoor amenities, and design, and the role the new and renovated school spaces might play. 
  5. Review the two CCBC design concepts and schematics to identify opportunities for improvement, including potential cost savings that may be achieved through re-evaluating the project scope or by other means. Develop the schematic designs to the extent required to ensure reliable cost estimating.
  6.  Lead the public engagement process which will culminate in a Town Meeting vote to select a preferred design concept and budget. 
  7. Once funds are approved, oversee the process for finalizing the design, bidding, contract award and construction, including repaving of Ballfield Road and any new paths serving the Community Center. Lead public engagement process as necessary for input into value engineering.