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On Saturday, September 30, Lincoln residents will have the opportunity to gather at the State of the Town Meeting (SOTT) to participate in planning the future of our town.  One focus of SOTT will be the development of a Community Center on the Hartwell Campus, to serve as the home of both the Council on Aging & Human Services (COA&HS) and the Parks & Recreation Department (PRD), and to provide a multigenerational gathering place for the community and its organizations.

A townwide commitment to the development of a community center has been affirmed through a series of Town Meeting votes over the last 10 years.  The foundation of this commitment includes the following elements:

  • The Town has known for more than two decades that Bemis Hall is not an appropriate home for the COA&HS.
  • Over that time, the population of seniors in Lincoln has grown considerably, and the range of services offered by the COA&HS has expanded significantly.
  • The PRD is in the Hartwell Pods, another suboptimal facility that is inefficient to run and that constrains the program offerings.
  • The construction of a single center that can house both the COA&HS and the PRD is by far the most efficient solution to the town’s facility needs.
  • A new Community Center would improve the quality of life in Lincoln by providing a multigenerational gathering place.
  • A new Community Center would also benefit a range of other community organizations.

At SOTT, the Community Center Building Committee (CCBC) will present several possible solutions at several levels of investment.  To help town residents, the CCBC will be sharing information over the next two weeks that will:

  • Provide context for the conversation (including information about the Hartwell Campus and its current stakeholders, information about how other communities are addressing the same challenges, information about the work of previous town committees, and information about what the CCBC has accomplished to date);
  • Help residents to understand how SOTT will work and what feedback the CCBC will be soliciting; and,
  • Preview the building concepts that the CCBC will be presenting at SOTT.

Residents will be able to find all this information and much more at the CCBC website.