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Community Center Building Committee Project Update – June 18, 2023

Cost modeling has begun…

Program Analysis & Development
Over two public meetings this past Tuesday (June 13) and Wednesday (June 14), ICON Architects presented initial strategies and costs to deliver our project at the three necessary price points (up to 50%, up to 75%, and up to 100% of the $25M estimate from 2018).  We had hoped that our work to date would deliver a program in the “up to 75%” range, but continued price escalation has moved our current program into the “up to 100%” range.  We must now work to reduce our scope further to create two lower cost options.  

Our current program represents a 10,000 sqft reduction from the 2018 program, and is based on space needed to run existing programs into the future.  To develop lower cost options, ICON has presented initial concepts that include reducing the building program further, delaying the renovation of the C Pod (the LEAP program), and finding a more cost effective solution to the school maintenance space.   These are all extremely complex decisions, and the CCBC will be working closely with campus stakeholders (Schools, LEAP, and Magic Garden) to evaluate the tradeoffs they present.  This conversation will continue at our Wed, June 28 Meeting.  (Details below)

Site Planning
The site plans shown in these initial designs all assume a parking lot at the rear of the Hartwell property, to better screen the anticipated solar canopies needed to meet the projects green energy goals.  But that decision impacts play spaces and needs further study, so moving forward, multiple site plans will remain under consideration.  ICON will spend the summer months refining these concepts – based on our feedback – for public review next September.

Community Engagement
We have one more public meeting this month, onWed, June 28, and will likely be hosting public meetings in both July and August, dates TBD.   Our fall meeting/forum schedule is not set yet, other than two important dates: State of the Town/Community Charrette on Saturday, September 30, 2023, and Special Town Meeting on Saturday, December 2.  All our upcoming public meetings are listed below. 

Satellite Programming
As we look to develop two lower cost options, we will be exploring opportunities to lean more heavily on satellite locations listed in our Decentralized Programming Inventory to manage the building program load.   

Wed June 28th – Public Meeting, 7:00pm in the Town Hall Donaldson Room or over Zoom to review feedback from our June 13 and 14 public meetings.  

July 2023 – Public Meeting,  Date, Time and Location TBD, to provide support to ICON as they better define these concepts for our fall presentations. 

August 2023 – Public Meeting,  Date, Time and Location TBD, to provide support to ICON as they better define these concepts for our fall presentations.

Sat September 30– State of the Town/Community Charette, details TBD.

Sat December 2– Special Town Meeting, details TBD.

Can be found on our website at   You can sign up for our notifications there as well!